Monday, January 10, 2011

Hey there online shoppers!

HELLO! Hello! Welcome to our first ever online shopping blog! :)

This is a blog invented by 4 students:
  1. Natasha Faizulika
  2. Nur 'Ain Afiqah 
  3. Nur Farhana
  4. Nurul Amirah 
We are still new to this so bare with us okay? So , the four of us are selling Perfume (Eau De Parfum), Baju Kurung (cotton), Colourful contact lense (with power).

So what we need now is what are the customers want!
To you our readers what kind of perfume do you guys like? what colour of baju kurung do you prefer to wear?
what colour of contacts do you wish to wear?

So reply to us, ASAP!

t u s h e e. a i n a f i q a. f a r h a n a. a m i r a h <3

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